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Keep in mind that one of the withdrawal effects of Valium is headaches, so a person can enter into a vicious cycle of migraine pain, followed by Valium abuse, followed by a headache associated with withdrawal, then back to more Valium use. Get Help for Valium Abuse Is Diazepam helpful for Tension Headaches? can Diazepam cause Tension Headaches? Diazepam is mentioned in 97 posts about Tension Headaches. The biochemical action of Diazepam ... Why does Gatorade help cure headaches or migraines? Does it only work with specific types of headaches/ migraines? 1 Answer - Posted in: migraine, headache, diazepam - Answer: Yes and no. As for safety, it depends on the meds you're currently taking. ... Valium does not ever make me sleepy, nor does compazine or phenegran. I am becoming increasingly agitated with my TMD, tension headaches and muscle spasams in m jaw. I had a bad migraine all day, so I took some Valium with the hopes that it would help me go to sleep. Learn about the potential side effects of diazepam. ... Diazepam Side Effects. Overview; Side ... Get emergency help immediately if any of the following symptoms of ... Yes, if they are tension or stress or anxiety headaches. Valium is a great muscle relaxer and anxiety reducer. Muscle tension and stress and anxiety can all cause headache pain and Valium will help relieve it. However, it's not a good long-term solution because it is addictive. Diazepam helps control convulsions because the increased activity of GABA that it causes in the brain helps to calm the excessive electrical nerve activity that is responsible for causing seizures. A further use of diazepam is in controlling muscle spasms due to tetanus or poisoning. Of course, there was little he could do to quell the pain in the early 1980s, aside from retreating to that familiar pose after a dose of over-the-counter painkiller.